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660mW RGB animation laser



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660mW RGB animation laser
Scanner: 15KPPS high-speed optical scanner, ±20° scanning
180mW 650nm wavelength red laser
8mW 532nm wavelength green laser
400mW 450nm wavelength blue laser
Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512 (12 channels), Master/Slave, RGB color or only white color setting
    Effects Mode: Multi-effects, Animation Effects, Animation Grating multi-pattern effects, 3D dot effects, 3D plane effects.
Safety configure: laser key switch, flying rings bolt
Safety Capacity: Master/slave mode and DMX512, will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment
Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 40W
Size: 150*210*130mm
Weight: 3.9Kg

Model: YX-U650RGB