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8W RGB Laser Light




8W RGB Laser
RGB beam diameter and divergence: <6mm, <1.5mrad
Made of analog laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light more colorful.
With small window at front panel and precise 2D dichro for RGB alignment,the users can do the RGB realignment even by their fingers. No need to open the metal housing. It is very convenient for aftersales service.
Use LCD display technology, SD card functions. All the pattern sizes, sensitivity, color setting, scanner speed and mirror image, etc are setted by button. Easy to operate and understand. Lower the hardware failure rates
Red Laser: Power:>2000mW,wavelength: 638nm,Beam dia.: 4*5mm,Divergence:<1.5mrad
Green Laser: Power:>2000mW,wavelength: 520nm,Beam dia.: 4*5mm,Divergence:<1.5mrad
Blue Laser: Power:>4000mW,wavelength: 450nm,Beam dia.: 4*5mm,Divergence:<1.5mrad
Scanner: 50K

Model: YX-AH80RGB