Holographic projection technology is a high-tech technology that has emerged in recent years. It uses interference and diffraction to record and reproduce real three-dimensional images of objects. It is widely used in stage performances, tourism and other aspects. Holographic technology is actually a recording and reproduction technology that uses the principles of interference and diffraction to record and reproduce the true three-dimensional image of an object. The subject is irradiated by the laser to form a diffuse object beam, and the other part of the laser is used as a reference beam to hit the holographic film, and superimpose with the object beam to cause interference, and convert the phase and amplitude of each point on the object's light wave into space The intensity of the change, so as to use the contrast and spacing between the interference fringes to record all the information of the object's light waves. Just like a complex grating, under the irradiation of coherent laser, the diffracted light wave of a linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram will give two images, namely the original image and the conjugate image. The reproduced image has a strong stereoscopic effect and a real visual effect.

  Holographic projection technology breaks through the limitations of traditional sound, light and electricity. The spatial imaging has bright colors, high contrast and clarity, and strong sense of space, perspective, and three-dimensionality. This has a strong impact on the traditional aesthetics of flat stage art. , It also brings people unprecedented sensory experience. The application in the stage art can not only produce three-dimensional aerial fantasy, but also make the fantasy interact with the performer, complete the performance together, and produce shocking performance effects.


      Throughout the history of stage performances, it is not difficult to find that every performance technological progress is inseparable from technological development, from foreign iron barrels to various stage lamps, from curtains to large LED screens, from hand-controlled lighting to fully automatic computer control , The success of stage performances is all combined with bit by bit technological progress. The holographic projection technology overturns the traditional stage acoustic and optoelectronic technology, and the fantasy three-dimensional experience that it brings to people the combination of virtual and reality, will surely become the new darling of the lighting and stage technology industry in the coming years.

Holographic projection technology, the new favorite of stage lighting