According to the latest "China Stage Lighting Market Research and Investment Prospect Forecast Report (2019 Edition)", stage lighting equipment is mainly used in concerts, theater performances, bars, dance halls, and multi-function halls. Many stage lighting projects are Involved. At the same time, with the development of the cultural tourism industry market in recent years, theme parks and tourist attractions also have an immeasurable market demand for stage lighting equipment, which means that stage lighting has covered the cultural tourism lighting market, and cultural tourism lighting will also be 2019 One of the most important members in the new development trend of stage lighting equipment.

At this stage, stage lighting equipment is mainly used in multi-functional halls, theaters, cultural venues, concert venues, tourist attractions, bars and dance halls and other engineering projects because of diversified application requirements. In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's cultural and entertainment industry, the demand for stage lighting equipment is also increasing, and the market continues to expand. So, what are the new trends in the development of stage lighting technology in 2019? The following Yue Xin stage lighting will share with you.

Stage lighting is more intelligent

Stage lighting can realize real-time temperature monitoring, monitor the internal temperature of the lighting, and prevent high-temperature burning. Under the premise of ensuring heat dissipation, noise is appropriately reduced and does not cause unnecessary impact on the environment. In addition, it has multiple safety protections, built-in temperature switch, temperature sensor, wind speed detection, electronic ballast working status detection, etc. to ensure safe use. By turning off the light, the power is automatically reduced and the temperature is low. The accessories of the stage lighting are not easy to age and are more durable.

Diversified development trend

The previous stage lighting equipment, called "stage lighting", showed a single display. And the future stage lighting has a diversified development trend. The 21st century is an era of diversification. The multi-polarization of politics and the multilateralization of economy and trade on a global scale determine cultural diversification. And the diversification of culture has created the diversification of stage lighting. Therefore, the diversification of stage lighting is an inevitable trend, which is also the sublimation of lighting art.

1. The stage lighting is closely integrated with the scene setting, props, costumes, makeup, and sound effects to form a diversified complex. Sometimes there are "scenes" and sometimes "light effects". The lights are everywhere and everywhere, becoming a positive factor in diversification and presenting different expression scenarios.

2. The lighting itself has changed from a single light element in the past to a diversified element integrating sound, light, chemical and electricity, with more space for stage art creation.

3. The diversification of stage lighting itself. In many stage performances, the same stage in different places and the same stage at different times are distinguished by different lights, and thus constitute a diversified stage lighting.

The transition from passive to active

In the past, stage lighting often overemphasized the sense of space and time in creating a stage environment for stage performances, rendering the stage atmosphere, and highlighting the central character. The current stage lighting places more emphasis on the active function of the lighting itself, emphasizes the creation and creativity of the lighting, so that the stage lighting plays a greater artistic role in deepening themes, creating styles, and building brands.

The transition from static to dynamic

In the past, stage lighting was mostly in a static state, even if some changes were made, it was only reflected in brightness, chroma, and position. But now the lights on the stage are more in a flexible and changeable state. Stage lighting can produce birds and butterflies flying around, and the various light patterns produced are also intertwined and colorful. The dynamic effect of stage lighting can be seen everywhere. It can be said that the stage lighting itself constitutes a smart art world, which is already an indispensable part of the stage, and the lighting makes the whole stage more varied, showing the agility of lighting.

All of this indicates that the stage lighting equipment has a greater creative development space. It is not only a simple lighting, but also an artistic presentation.

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