Service time 365 days × 24 hours a day

    For telephone hotline support. If the user's maintenance personnel encounter any problems in maintenance or operation, they can call our company's after-sales maintenance service department to consult the technical personnel about related issues. If the relevant technical problems cannot be solved in real time, our company will send technicians to the project site to assist according to the actual situation.

  • Complete machine installation, 12 months after completion and acceptance, including products and accessories. The main parts are guaranteed for 12 months under normal installation, use and maintenance. The special policy is subject to the activity or the content of the contract.




Assist customers in project planning and demand system analysis, so that the product can meet the needs of the project to the greatest extent, and at the same time, the owner's investment can maximize the comprehensive economic benefits. Provide free consultation on lighting application product technology and related issues, as well as a complete system design plan and project budget for customers' reference.